Hastings Township Cemetery



The township cemetery is located on McKeown Rd. (near the McKeown Bridge Park and Thornapple Manor (aka Medical Facility)). All sales of burial sites are handled by the clerk, Anita S. Mennell, who can be contacted by phoning the hall on Tuesdays or her cell phone any other day.

Gravesites are available for purchase at the following rate:
*Residents - $100.00 (one per resident)
*Nonresidents - $500.00

(A resident is defined as being a legal resident of the township who also owns real estate in the township.)


Cemetery rules

This cemetery belongs to the people of Hastings Charter Township; therefore please observe the following rules:

  • NO GROUNDCOVERING OTHER THAN GRASS IS ALLOWED. No curbs, edging or ornamental fences can be erected. No shrubs, trees ornamental grasses or vines can be planted. No mulch or landscape stones can be used   
  • Flowers should be placed in urns and urns should be in line with the headstones. Any tokens or keepsakes must be contained on the foundation. Please call the Sexton or Clerk for the policy concerning decorations.
  • Foundations for headstones must be poured by the Sexton. Contact the Sexton before having a monument placed. Permanent concrete foundations are to be at least the size of the monument plus 2” on all 4 sides. Maximum size can be as large as 2’ by 4’ per grave.
  • If an urn is unused for 2 years it may be removed at the Sexton’s discretion.
  • The cemetery will be tidied after Veteran’s Day (Nov. 11) and again before April 1. Flowers and ornaments will  be removed by the Sexton at those times (urns ok), so if you wish to save anything please take it home before those dates.
  • Trash should be placed in the barrels.
  • No loitering. No parking on the grass. No alcoholic beverages.
  • Cemetery hours are from dawn to dusk.
  • The Sexton is authorized to prevent & deter any activity deemed to be detremental to the Cemetery grounds and property located in the Cemetery.

Be sure to stay on top of special events and elections

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